California Employment Law Generally

California Employment Law Blog Series #1

The rules and regulations that comprise California employment law can be confusing, complicated and apply in a wide variety of surprising situations.  If you are an employer in California and are unsure about how the employment laws in California apply to your business, you’ve come to the right place. Over the next several weeks we will be addressing a wide variety of California employment law issues on this blog and will be taking the time to carefully address an number of important labor law concerns.

California Employment Law F.A.Q.s

At Ortega Business Law we regularly get questions from employers within San Diego about how to define their employment relationships and how to handle their employees. Some of the questions that often come up with respect to employees are related to

Employee Classification:

Employee Classification:

  • What is the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees?

Hiring and Firing Employees:

  • Can I terminate this employee?
  • How do I respond to requests from the EDD about a former employee’s unemployment benefits?

Discrimination, Harassment and Other Legal Issues:

  • How do I respond to an allegation that a manager in my company is discriminating?
  • Do we need company policies on things like sexual harassment?

While the success of your business is often dependent upon your employees, finding and retaining the right employees is only a part of the equation. A bigger part of the equation is actually what you do once you decide to employ other people, how you manage those employment relationships and how those actions comply with California’s extensive labor laws.  We encourage you to check back with us over the coming weeks as we address some of the specifics of California employment law and a number of the questions listed above.


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