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San Diego Business Law – California Corporations Overview

In this week’s edition of our San Diego Business Law blog series we will take a general look at corporations in California. In order to do business in California as a corporation the business owner must comply with a number of formalities to incorporate and maintain the benefits of incorporation. Formalities for Incorporation in California […]

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San Diego Business Law – Important Considerations in Selecting a Business Entity

Welcome back to our San Diego Business Law blog series! In this week’s blog we are going to address some things you should consider when selecting the appropriate form for your new San Diego business. While there are a number of different issues you could focus your time and energy on, we suggest asking yourself […]

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The Types of Business Entities Available in California

Building a business is both an exciting and extremely stressful time and selecting the appropriate legal form for your business can be a difficult choice. In California you have five different types of business entities to choose from and forming the correct business entity at the beginning will save you both time and money. Over […]

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Checklist for Determining an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee

California Labor Code section 3353 defines an Independent contractor as a “person who renders service for a specified recompense for a specified result, under the control of his principal as to the result of his work only and not as to the means by which such result is accomplished.” The label placed by employers, however, […]

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AB 571 Dividends and Distributions of Corporations

Assembly Bill 571, which was signed into law in California in the Fall of 2011, significantly amends California law governing distributions to shareholders by California corporations. Pursuant to the solvency test contained in Section 501 of the California Corporations Code, a corporation may not make a distribution if the corporation is unable to meet its […]

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