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2013 Employment Laws

2013 Employment Laws: In September 2012, California Governor Jerry Brown enacted a number of laws relating to employment law. It is important that employers are familiar with the changes in order to ensure compliance. The following list includes that changes made which, unless stated otherwise, will go into effect January 1, 2013: As a background, FEHA […]

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Checklist for Determining an Independent Contractor vs. an Employee

California Labor Code section 3353 defines an Independent contractor as a “person who renders service for a specified recompense for a specified result, under the control of his principal as to the result of his work only and not as to the means by which such result is accomplished.” The label placed by employers, however, […]

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Recent Employment Case Law

Brinker Rest. Corp. v. Superior Court, 53 Cal. 4th 1004 (2012) California Labor Code Section 512 and Wage Order No. 5 require employers to provide hourly employees with an uninterrupted lunch break of at least 30 minutes, wherein the employee is allowed to leave the premises and is relieved of all duty for the entire […]

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