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Copyright – Supreme Court Holding in Aero Case

I am sharing an article from the Justia Daily Opinions – straight off the Supreme Court press! The Copyright Act of 1976 gives a copyright owner the “exclusive righ[t]” to “perform the copyrighted work publicly,” 17 U.S.C. 106(4), including the right to “transmit or otherwise communicate … the [copyrighted] work … to the public, by […]

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Crowdfunding – A Safe Alternative to Traditional Funding?

Crowdfunding is an online money-raising strategy used as an alternative for inventors to bypass traditional investing vehicles in order to fund new ventures. Through online funding platforms, entrepreneurs are able to “pitch” their business ideas to the public in an effort to attract investors. There are four crowdfunding segments—equity, lending, rewards and donations. Equity crowdfunding […]

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