Rosana’s focus on our corporate/transactional matters, including business entity creation, contract drafting and negotiations, business and joint venture structure consulting; employment law matters, including liability protection, electronic use and ethics requirements, investigations, audits, employee manuals, employment termination and retention structures; trademark protection and estate planning has been the difference in our success and is a direct result of our confidence and business acumen we display during our Board of Directors, shareholders, and Teaming meetings. Hire her now. Bobby Mullins
Rosana is diligent, honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours in order to meet our deadlines. I have found her extremely competent and enjoyable to work with even during periods of stress. She is extremely bright, innovative, and dependable. She is articulate in explaining options to circumstances faced by all businesses, and is gifted with consistently delivering pertinent, factual and eloquent declarations. Bobby Mullins
Rosana has worked tirelessly during our past eight (8) years placing our needs first regardless of her workload. She has never ever been wrong in her advice and has supported our legal needs for a multitude of challenging issues. Bobby Mullins
I highly recommend using Attorney Rosana Ortega for human resources and other employment related legal issues. I have worked with Rosana for several years and find her to be a very detailed oriented person, with a common sense approach to labor related issues. Ed Kitrosser, former partner at Moss Adams
Rosana is a very reliable person, shes honest, open and goes straight to the point. It is very easy to understand and she really works for you. I totally trust her. My Green Lady, LLC
Rosana was courteous, helpful, and highly professional from the beginning of the consultation throughout the working relationship. I would work with her again in a heartbeat, and I already count on her for any questions or needs I have. Language World, Inc.
Rosana helped me with new business setup. She provided invaluable advice, contracts, and direction that helped clarify immediate and future needs. She’s friendly, accessible, and has a quick turnaround. I feel confident that my LLC is set up for success. Red Piggy Press, LLC
I have worked with Rosana on many occasions and she has given me good guidance and makes me feel like I am a priority. G&A Legal, APC
Rosana G. Herrera served as general counsel for the San Diego Council on Literacy (SDCOL), a nonprofit organization. During my term as CEO with the SDCOL, I had the opportunity, pleasure, and good fortune of working with Rosana Ortega (2006-2009) in a number of legal matters that related to contractual agreements with service programs, employees, board members, and business entities in the community. Some of these matters were complex and foreign to our organization. In every instance, Rosana Herrera conducted much in-depth research, asked questions, and decidedly and confidently, counseled our board members and myself, consistently, in a manner that best-served our interests. Rosana Ortega communicated to all of us in a language we could all understand. Most attractive was her ability to take the facts and the law and bring them together in a sequential manner that made sense to all of us. I had never seen, nor do I expect to see again, the conscientious and passionate attention Rosana Ortega gave to all of our legal matters. We are in debt to her for her professionalism and ethics. It was a good thing to know that the attorney that we had representing truly cared, not just about the law, but about the clients…in a personal way, but without compromise of professionalism. We miss working with Rosana Ortega and would strongly recommend her to the reader here. Best of all, this review would not be complete without my stating that the exemplary work that Rosana Ortega provided to us was delivered on a pro bono basis. I am sure we will never find attorney with the kinds of standards that Rosana Herrera demands of herself. San Diego Council on Literacy, Inc.
I strongly recommend Rosana without any reservation. I collaborated with Rosana on business issues pertaining a number matters involving our respective clients. Rosana demonstrated an extensive and detailed knowledge of the law and facts relating to each matter. In each instance she exhibited strong analytical skills and approached each matter with exceptional professionalism. She also demonstrated strong communication skills and good working relationships with her clients whatever their level of sophistication and background. Ken Cariffe
I’ve hired Rosana Ortega for both business and personal legal counseling, business formation, contract creation, and other legal services. She not only is friendly and easy to talk to, but she also seems to genuinely care about our legal needs. She’s a wealth of invaluable information and resources, and I rely on her for her straight-forward answers, punctuality, and confidentiality. I highly recommend her services. Pybop, LLC