San Diego Business Lawyer

Welcome to The Ortega Business Law Firm
Founded in 2006, The Ortega Business Law Firm, APC services clients locally in San Diego as well as nationally. As a full-service firm, we offer broad legal counsel related to business and corporate law, employment law, and nonprofit corporate law.

Whether clients are involved in the formation, structure, acquisition, sale or merger or expansion of their business, in contract negotiations and transactions, in protecting their intellectual property, or in managing the risk of litigation, The Ortega Business Law Firm, APC provides expert legal guidance throughout the entire process.

Regardless of the legal challenge, The Ortega Business Law Firm, APC is focused on the things that matter most to the clients — understanding their businesses, exceeding their expectations and making important contributions to their success.

With the level of sophisticated legal resources available to businesses today, the very best firms distinguish themselves by becoming truly indispensable to their clients.  The Ortega Business Law Firm serves the business and employment law needs of San Diego and surrounding communities with a unique approach — we believe the better we know our clients and their businesses, the better we can anticipate and manage the legal issues they face, helping them to achieve their business goals.

We give our clients more than legal opinions. We give them ideas to protect their interests and help them grow.